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Domestic Violence & Work

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, the answer is yes. That’s because domestic violence follows a victim to work and can impact both the worker who is directly involved, and those working around them. It’s not just being a caring or considerate employer to think about these impacts, but the fact is that this issue is also creeping into legislation and workplace regulations all across the country. In recent years more focus and research on this issue is giving employers and the general public more insight into this problem. Some of this research was done by the University of Western Ontario in London who partnered with the Canadian Labour Congress to carry out the first ever Canadian survey on domestic violence in the workplace. What they found was startling. In economic terms they discovered that Canadian employers are losing $77.9 million dollars a year as a result of the direct and indirect impacts of domestic violence.

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Employee Recognition: Thanks Go a Long Way
Employees dedicate a lot of their time to the company they work for. Many will produce excellent work on a regular basis, and some will even go beyond what is directly expected of them.

Women's Leadership Presence
Leadership presence isn’t necessarily reflective of your true qualities and potential. Instead, it depends entirely on how others evaluate you.

Spending on Training Up
Canadian organizations’ spending on learning and development has been steadily increasing since the end of 2010, according to The Conference Board of Canada’s latest Learning and Development Outlook.


Fed. Gov’t Creates Equal Access and Opportunities for People With Disabilities

$950-Million Investment Positions Canada For an Innovation Boom in High-growth Sectors

FPT Ministers of Labour Discuss Top Workplace Issues

Even Small Improvements in Treatment for Depression Can Yield Substantial Health and Economic Gains for Canada

Tools to Assess and Address Psychological Health and Safety in Canadian Workplaces

Taking Action on Workplace Stress

Online Course Addresses Impairment in the Workplace

Canadian CEOs’ Optimism Hits Record High Despite Increasing Anxiety Over Threats to Growth

Fifty-three Organizations Recognized as Employee Recommended Workplaces For 2018



BC: Work-related Motor Vehicle Crashes Leading Cause of Traumatic Workplace Deaths In Prov.

BC: WorkSafeBC Releases Three-year Strategy to Reduce Serious Injuries in the Construction Sector

SK: Second Lowest Unemployment Rate in Canada

ON: Prov. Investing in Projects to Reduce Workplace Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities

NB: Minimum Wage to Increase on April 1

NB: Amendments to the Employment Standards Act Proposed

NL: Provincial Government Establishes Minister’s Roundtable on Immigration

PE: Family Violence: Guide Will Help Employers Respond

PE: Review Would Help Ensure Safe Work Environment in Legislature

This Month
Absenteeism: The Elephant in the Room
Managing absenteeism comes back to employees knowing what is expected of them.

Is Domestic Violence a Workplace Issue?
Employers have a responsibility to help employees dealing with domestic violence in tangible ways, whether they are provided for or required by legislation or regulations.
Employee Recognition: A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way
Employees who receive positive reinforcement for a job well done will be motivated to produce more work of that caliber.

Engineer Dismissed Before His Start Date Awarded Six Weeks’ Notice
A judge awarded a software engineer notice after a company rescinded its job offer days before his start date.
Company Had No Right to Temporarily Reduce Employees’ Working Hours
An arbitrator found that the collective agreement did not grant management rights for reducing working hours.
Tribunal Dismisses Sex Harassment Complaints by Library Worker
The woman provided no evidence about how the incidents by a security guard and patron affected her.

What Women Can And Cannot Control About Their Leadership Presence
Leadership presence isn’t necessarily reflective of your true qualities and potential. Instead, it depends entirely on how others evaluate you.
Significant Changes to Provincial Employment and Labour Standards Legislation Important to Watch
These changes affect employers — employee remuneration can be impacted, payroll and human resources processes and systems affected, and audit and penalty risks increased.

Shop Talk
Starting Salary: Negotiable or Not?
Canadian worker survey: only 36% tried to negotiate pay with last job offer.
Canadian Spending on Learning And Development Catching Up to the U.S.
Canadian organizations are now spending an average of 81 cents for every dollar spent by American organizations on learning and development.

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