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Benefits of Work Life Blend

For many years now, workplace health and wellness experts have been urging all of us to find a work life balance. Usually that has meant working less and living more. While many workers have taken this message seriously, it has been hard for both them and their employers to manage this switch. In fact, most workers find that it is nearly impossible and that their struggle to find this balance has left them more stressed than ever. That’s where the idea of a work life blend has come in. Instead of fighting against work and its intrusion into our personal lives, why not embrace this flow and go with it.

7 Reasons to Promote Flexible Working
If you’re still working 9-5, chances are you won’t have to for long. With new technology making it easier to work anywhere, anytime, the traditional 9-5 workday as we know it is effectively dead.

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Ways to Build Talent from Within
Employers take time to invest in and hire qualified people. HR is diligent with the hiring process, which can have numerous steps until a final decision.

8 Ways Leaders Build Collaboration
Most leaders agree that effective collaboration is more important than ever in today's turbulent business environment. In fact, a company's very survival may depend on how well it combines the potential of its people and the way they share information



Minister Carr Announces Investments to Help Canadians Access New Markets, New Customers, New Jobs

Fed. Gov’t. Announces Major Funding for Projects That Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities

Budget 2019 Announced New Measures to Further Improve Access to the Canada Workers Benefit

Number of People Contacting CHRC to Complain at All-time High

Government Releases Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Consultation Report



BC: New Resources to Help Prevent Noise-induced Hearing Loss

BC: Fair Wages Commission Seeks Input on Living Wage

SK: Lowest Unemployment Rate Since 2015 And 9,800 New Jobs

ON: Helping Farmers Grow their Businesses and Support Good Jobs

ON: Prov. Unveils Flexible Child Care Initiatives

NB: Minimum Wage Increased

NB: Details Released on $16-million Wage Increase for Home Support Workers

NS: Tax Changes Promote Investment in Innovation-driven Businesses

This Month
Stop You’re Killing Me
We are reaching the far end of the flexibility that actually works for employers.

Finding Balance Through a Work Life Blend
Discover what kind of flexibility your employer may have to offer.
7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Promote Flexible Working
Offering flexible working options will help tremendously in attracting the best talent.

Court Upholds $1 Million Award Against Employer for Manner of Dismissal
The employer countersued an executive it fired for unproven fraud to intimidate him, the court ruled.
B.C. Employer Ordered to Pay Overtime to Animators Working on Film
Film animators are not high-tech professionals exempt from overtime laws, a Ministry of Labour delegate determined.
Employer Discriminated Against Woman with Special Daycare Needs
Denying a mother with a special needs child her preferred shift was ‘arbitrary, unreasonable and unfair,’ the tribunal said.

Collaboration Key to Addressing Indigenous Employment Challenges in Canada’s North
Half of organizations struggle to successfully recruit Indigenous talent due to a mixture of skills gaps and recruitment processes and practices.
Simple Ways to Build Talent from Within
High salaries less important than development opportunities for some, claim Harvard, Deloitte.

Shop Talk
Why Most Training Fails
Most organizations use their training investments about as strategically as they deploy their office supplies spending.
8 Ways Leaders Build Collaboration
A company's very survival may depend on how well it can combine the potential of its people and their ability to share what they know.

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