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Building Bridges for Our Future

Canada has a double-sided problem when it comes to its labour market. At one end, young people and other marginalized groups like Indigenous people and those with disabilities have persistently high levels of unemployment. While at the other end of the spectrum, jobs in the skilled portion of the labour market are going unfilled. Bridging that skilled gap is one of the main challenges facing employers and policy makers all over the country. It’s not a minor problem or a passing concern, and as baby boomers retire there are simply not enough young workers to replace them, particularly in skilled trades and technical occupations.

Benefits of Workplace Coaching
Workplace coaching has been around in one form or another for a long, long time. But since the early 1980’s it has grown by leaps and bounds in Canada and around the world.

The New HR with Analytics, “People Insurance”
When Google reviewed data from thousands of employee surveys, they found that employees gravitate to job opportunities that provide coaching and career development.

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Millennials Most Likely to Have Had Depression
One in every two members of the youngest generation in Canada's workplaces say they've experienced depression, according to a recent Ipsos survey.


G7 Meeting of Ministers of Labour and Employment Focuses on the Future Of Work

PWC Canada Using Innovation to Tackle Youth Unemployment

Assess and Manage Asbestos Related Risks in the Workplace

Canadians Who Are Very Interested in What Causes Companies Support Sees Significant Increase

Rallies for a Better NAFTA Held across Canada

Machine Learning and AI Demand Fundamental Changes to the Canadian Workforce: New Report

Canadian Organizations Face Significant Challenges in Managing Workplace Mental Health Issues



YK: Territory Tables Bill to Amend the Workers’ Compensation Act and the OHS Act

BC: Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers Take Action to Spur Economic Growth

AB: Prov. Improves Economic Immigration Process

AB: Men Championing Women’s Equality at Work

SK: Unemployment Rate Drops in September

MB: Prov. Advises Employers Prosecuted for Workplace Incidents

ON: Prov. Seeking Input on Employment and Labour Law Rules

ON: Bill to Create Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Passes Second Reading

ON: New WSIB Policy Leaves Workers Suffering From Chronic Mental Stress Out In the Cold

PE: 15,000 People In Atlantic Canada To Benefit From Fed. and Atlantic Provinces’ Apprenticeship Harmonization Efforts

This Month
The More Things Change….
Corporate trends come and go but good management remains essential.

Building Bridges for Our Future
Vacant skilled labour jobs have much to offer for Canada’s unemployed.
Benefits of Workplace Coaching
Workplace coaches can help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives.

Nurse Awarded 24 Months’ Notice After Employer Told Her to “Get Out!”
The doctor’s outburst that he was sick of “looking at your ugly face” constituted dismissal.
Nurse Who Accessed Medical Records Without Authorization is Ordered Reinstated
She showed remorse at the 11th hour, which indicated that she could be rehabilitated, an arbitrator found.
Texts Sent to Administrative Employee Amounted to Sexual Harassment
A text saying a woman’s dress was hot “goes well beyond mere flirtation,” a human rights tribunal found.

The New HR with Analytics, “People Insurance”
Companies can reap rewards by tailoring their professional development strategies to individual employees.
Are Managers the Biggest Barriers to Innovation?
Survey: Canadian employees want innovation, daily tasks bog them down.

Shop Talk
Millennials Most Likely to Have Experience with Depression
Younger workers also more likely to report bullying and discrimination due to mental illness.
What Generation Gap?
Most Canadian workers fine with having younger boss or managing someone older.

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