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Engaging Staff in Mission

One of the biggest and most challenging issues that business leaders across the board are currently facing is how do I get my people more actively engaged with their work? Study after study shows that upwards of 70, or even 80 percent, of employees are detached or distracted while at work. This is a big problem. Not only does lack of engagement lead to significant dips in productivity and innovation, but it ultimately has a negative impact on the wellbeing of everyone in the company. A happy, healthy workforce is one that is interested in and fulfilled by, what they are doing.

Staying Connected When Working Remotely
We have all learned quite a bit about working from home as the coronavirus forced us into physical isolation from our co-workers. We quickly learned the importance of high-quality communication.

Post-Covid Changes are Permanent
The need for business leaders and policy makers to fundamentally rethink the way they plan, invest and operate in the future is underlined in a new survey of global CEOs.

Post-Covid Strategy for Benefits
For many organizations the health and benefits plan is the third biggest expense. So, how do you engage with staff in a post-Covid world?


Fed. Gov’t. Announces Plan for Next Phase of the Recovery

Fed. Gov't Temporarily Sets a Minimum Unemployment Rate for the EI Program

Bill Passes to Support Canadian Workers, Businesses, Persons with Disabilities

CRA Opens Applications for Enhanced Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

Existing problems in EI shouldn’t be forgotten as reforms considered

Economy Continues to Add Jobs, but Many Remain Lost

Online Course Provides Guidance on Returning to Work Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic



BC: Summer Session Focuses on Protecting People, Laying Groundwork for Recovery

AB: Putting Albertans Back to Work: Minister Fir

SK: Recovery Continues For Saskatchewan Jobs

MB: Prov. Gov’t. Enhances Back To Work Wage Subsidy Program

ON: Ontario Building Health and Safety in Indigenous Workplaces and Communities

This Month
More for Less = Less
Almost every company who’s tried it has come to the same conclusion. More with less will always equal less.

Mission Critical: Engaging Your Staff
A happy, healthy workforce is one that is interested in, and fulfilled by, what they are doing.
Staying Connected Even When Working Remotely
Here are some suggestions for making communication with your co-workers more dynamic, more empathetic, and ultimately more effective.

Ontario Securities Commission Enforces First Employee Whistleblower Case
The case penalizes a company for retaliating against an employee who raised concerns about market manipulation.
Paramedics Fired for Letting Patient Crawl to Elevator
he responders showed no remorse for not helping someone they suspected of overdosing.
Bus Driver with Disability Not Accommodated to Point of Undue Hardship
The right to accommodation ‘is not to be sacrificed on the altar of cost efficiency,’ an arbitrator found.

A Post-Covid Strategy for Health and Benefits Plans

CEOs: Post-Covid Changes are Permanent With More to Come
Shifts towards remote working, automation and low-density offices are here to stay.

Shop Talk
Up for Debate: Is it OK to Talk Politics With Colleagues?
Majority of workers say it's not a clear-cut yea or nay.
Survey: Workplace Rivalries Hold Steady Despite Pandemic
Most employees say coworker competitiveness at same level as a year ago.

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