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Money Management

Financial wellness is an important aspect of the overall wellbeing of any individual. Although it tends to be something we consider impolite to bring up, it is becoming increasingly important that we find healthy and open ways to discuss personal finances. When a person does not have a stable financial situation or is constantly worried about divvying up the contents of their next paycheck, the stress inevitably takes a toll on all facets of their life. As an employer or HR professional, it is critical to find ways to overcome these barriers and promote financial wellness among your workforce.

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A Flu-free Workplace
Get ready for flu season, because just like winter, itís coming. The colder months bring ice, sleet, snow and almost always flu.

Vacation Shaming
As a nation, Canadians value their time off work. But are they actually taking the vacation time they're entitled to?

ROI for Workplace Mental Health Programs
Research has found that positive returns on investment of workplace mental health initiatives are within reach for Canadian businesses.



Labour Market Snapshot Shows Need for National Child Care Strategy

PWC Canada Invests $150 Million Over Three Years to Upskill its People to be Future Ready

Canadaís Digitally-Skilled Talent Demand to Reach 305,000 by 2023

Canada's Top 100 Employers Competition Enters its Third Decade

New CSA Research Finds Canadian Employers Can Do More to Address Workplace Fatigue

Canadians Falsifying Information When Rushing To Use Up Health Benefits Before Year-end Could Face Serious Consequences If Caught



BC: Celebrating Skilled Trades during Apprenticeship Recognition Month

BC: Opening Doors to Trades Training for Youth, Women

AB: Province Launches Small Business Panel to Identity Red Tape Holding Back Job Creation

AB: Seeking Albertanís Input on Employment Rules

SK: Province to Support Literacy and Workplace Programming for Under-Represented Populations

SK: Prov. Seeks New Innovation and Labour Market Opportunities In Europe

SK: Province Supports Newcomers in Overcoming Barriers to Employment

ON: WSIB Program to Help Make Ontario Workplaces Safer

ON: Ontario Helping Veterans and their Families Start New Careers

ON: Province Increasing Investments in Skilled Trades

NS: Younger Workers Exploring Prov. Gov't. Careers

PE: Minimum Wage to Increase

This Month
Seven-Year Itch
Unless we are careful, we can grow complacent at work, especially if arenít picking up any new skills or the work becomes routine.

Money Management for Everybody
As an employer it is critical to promote financial wellness among your workforce because when financial health is established, everyone benefits.
Working for a Flu-free Workplace
When someone with a cold or flu sneezes, we are all in danger.

Employee Wrongly Accused of Theft Awarded $170,000
A homeless shelter employee was wrongly accused of stealing rent from residents.
Arbitratorís Decision in Sexual Harassment Case Is Overturned
Sexual assault is serious misconduct that must factor in employee discipline, the appeal court ruled.
Denial of Medical Marijuana Benefit Not Discriminatory
Marijuana is not an approved prescription drug so itís not discriminatory to deny benefits, a court ruled.

Counting Pennies: The Frugal Facts Of Retirement
What working Canadians can do now to ensure a financially secure future.
Vacation Shaming is Keeping Canadians from Using All Their Vacation Time, New Survey Shows
Half of Canadians have been discouraged from using their vacation time by co-workers and bosses, with millennials feeling the biggest impact.

Shop Talk
Research Reveals Significant Return on Investment for Workplace Mental Health Programs
Median annual ROI more than double for every dollar spent by companies with programs in place for more than three years.
Nearly 9 In 10 Employees in Canada Come to Work Sick, Survey Shows
Having too much work to do is the top reason why professionals come in while ill.

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