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5 Trends in Health & Wellness

Health care costs are increasing and because so many of those costs are not covered by our Medicare system, employers are left holding the bag for some very expensive items like pharmaceutical drugs and medications. These costs are rising every year and employers, especially those with small to medium-sized operations, can simply not afford to take on this burden any longer. Plus, people spend about two thirds of their waking hours at work, so the workplace has a significant impact on health and health-related behaviours. The workplace is a very effective location for health promotion. Increasingly, employers have taken on this role. They know that employees who exercise frequently miss an average just over two days a year.

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The Case Against Meetings
Some meetings can be effective vehicles for getting things done at work. But so many are so badly organized, poorly planned or ineffectively chaired that they are simply a waste of everybody’s time.

Cannabis and Impairment at Work
With the sale and use of cannabis to become legal by July 1, 2018, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has published a White Paper to help workplaces prepare.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?
If you've ever felt like there's not enough time in the work week, your cell phone and list of errands may be to blame. Canadian professionals surveyed by staffing firm OfficeTeam said they squander an average of 43 minutes per day.


Fed. Gov’t. Taking Next Steps in Banning Asbestos to Protect Workers' Health & Safety

New Funding Will Help Support a Vibrant Gender Equality Movement Across Canada

Manulife Re-enforces its Commitment to Mental Health at Work

Newly Released Canadian Data Confirms Companies Need an Employee Volunteer Program To Attract and Retain Talent



BC: WorkSafeBC Launches Young Worker Safety Campaign

AB: Premiers Continue to Focus on Jobs and Economic Growth

SK: Saskatchewan's Minimum Wage Will Increase in October

ON: HRPA Member Survey finds New Workplace Legislation a Mixed Bag for Ontario Employers

ON: Prov. Creating Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs

ON: Taking Further Action to Protect Retirement Security

NB: SEED Program Underway

This Month
A Two-Way Street
Creating a healthy workplace is a two-way street.

5 Trends in Health and Wellness at Work
Smart employers know that employees who exercise frequently miss an average just over two days a year.
The Case Against Meetings
You may not be able to eliminate all meetings, but you can make the ones you do have to attend as productive as possible.

Woman Allowed to Keep Income Earned After Being Fired
'There is no magic formula’ for terminated employees to mitigate damages, a court ruled.
Arbitrators Uphold Discipline of Firefighters for Posting Vulgar Tweets
Their Twitter accounts identified their employer, which was harmed by a newspaper article about the tweets.
Supreme Court Upholds Termination for Failing to Disclose Cocaine Use
Addiction was not a factor in a truck driver’s termination because he chose to violate the drug policy, the court ruled.

White Paper Available On Cannabis and Impairment in the Workplace
A new white paper provides advice on marijuana in the workplace.
Learning on the Clock?
Canadian CFOs not in favour of letting workers take continuing education courses during business hours.

Shop Talk
Working Hard or Hardly Working?
Canadian employees waste nearly one day a week on non-work activities.
Do You Work For A Bully – or Just a Tough Boss?
Stories about bullies don't always end with them resigning in disgrace. In fact, many bullies thrive. You may even be working for one.

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